Osmanlı İşlemeleri 2

These are very special and rarely found pieces and most of them are from the Ottoman palaces.

*Imperial man’s jacket,

*Imperial woman’s jacket,

*Imperial man’s jacket with fox fur on colar and cuffs,

*Ceremonial military jacket,

*A pair of glove,


*Hand towels,

*Barber’s apron set with the towel on the shoulders and barber’s hankerchief wtih scisors and razor designs.

*Imperial gift box which is used to send gifts to the foreign countries.

*Ceremonial cavalier saddle,

*Ceremonial archer quiver,

*A woman’s hat from the harem of the palace.

*An Ottoman flag.

*An Alaouit flag with the crescent moon and the star, sword of Caliph Ali and the hand of Fatima.

*A child’s bed cover from the palace with 20 Carat gold threads.

*Imperial wall panel from the palace.

*Imperial bed cover with silver threads and 20 Carat gold threads.

*Imperial decoratif pillow case with the imperial shield at the center.

Here are my dear children Nehir and Yiğit. My doughter is 9 and my son is 7 years old. All of the embroideries you can see in front of them belong to my daughter who has been collecting Ottoman Embroideries since 5 five years old. My mother is a specialist on ottoman Embroideries and supported me since the beginning. And now I try to educate my children as well. I hope that one day they will take my place and they will continue to explain and present the Ottoman Embroidery Art around the world.

These embroideries are not just memories from the past, but they are an expression of the feelings of the Turkish people. In conclusion, these pieces are a part of the treasure of the Turkish culture, believing that they are a part of National and World culture; I invite everyone to be more sensitive in preserving the treasures of the World culture.

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